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Why Psychological Tests Are Used Today

In ancient China, psychological testing was carried out for those who wanted to enter into public service. The examinations allowed ruling dynasties to select people to work for them. Applicants had to go through days of testing, with a written examination introduced during the Han Dynasty.



In modern times, the applications of psychological testing are wide ranging. A company can request psychological tests as part of the hiring process. Psychological evaluations can also be mandated for those who want to undergo a major procedure to determine their readiness for and after surgery.



Psychological tests are still being used today because they are a way of understanding individuals. Not only that, they provide valuable insights into behavior, personality, skills, and thoughts. Such assessments help determine the competencies and possible limitations of a person.



Applications of Psychological Tests


A psychologist can use psychological tests to assist patients in different phases of treatment. A test can paint a picture of what needs to be changed. It also gives psychologists an idea of how to help a particular patient. In other words, the results of a test keeps treatment relevant.



Setting goals is important for improvement. Psychologists use the data from results as basis in forming goals that are specific and measurable.



The results of psychological tests can also help determine the right kind of intervention needed for a patient. For instance, a personality test can reveal much about an individual, and a psychologist can use that information to help a patient make positive changes.



Principles of Psychological Assessment


While psychological tests are useful, their success highly depends on the willingness of the taker to participate. What they put in as answers affects the results of the test, and it helps if they answer truthfully.



The results of a psychological test is also dependent on the cultural background, primary language, and even handicaps or learning disabilities of the taker. As such, those need to be taken into account by a psychologist in evaluating the results.


A person’s state of being during the test also affects the overall outcome. For instance, a person taking a test in a state of anxiety will have different results from when they take it in a relaxed state.



Psychological tests are also best interpreted when accompanied by other information. For instance, the availability of other behavioral data allows for comparison which leads to better interpretation.



Psychological testing is a powerful tool. However, much of its success also rests on the skill of the person who administers and interprets the test. Testing isn’t just done for job-related purposes; it can benefit an individual as well.



Through psychological tests, a person can learn more about themselves. The valuable insights gained can help people make better decisions in order to better their quality of life.



It’s also very important for a psychologist to write up a proper assessment report that clearly communicates the results. Many factors can affect the outcome of a psychological evaluation, and a good psychologist knows how to interpret the information they see.


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