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Pressures for Young Adults and Benefits of Adult Therapy

Young adults go through a range of changes, from having difficulties with peers to facing career challenges. Such experiences can be overwhelming for some, but services like adult therapy can help young people navigate as they transition from adolescence to adulthood.


The Life of a Young Adult


Young adult life is characterized by a range of changes that happen rapidly. A lot of these changes involve taking on new roles and managing more responsibilities. It is a period that can involve moving out of the house, starting a family, or completing a degree. In other words, it is a time for making big decisions. It is also a time for figuring out what one wants to do with their life.


The Issues Young Adults Face


These days, many young adults want to gain independence but also maintain close ties with their family. This is dramatically different from many years ago when young people were encouraged to move out and start a family. Today’s young adult may seem to take a while to transition from being kids to adults.


In the past, a high school graduate is considered mature enough to handle “adult” responsibilities. They are old enough to have jobs and might even be ready to settle.


The young of today embrace their youth. They explore things that will help them shape who they are. Yet, the rapid changes experienced by this age group can leave some feeling confused and overwhelmed, and the failure to cope can lead to depression.


The Mental Health of Young Adults


Several serious mental health concerns can emerge in people in their late teens or early twenties. They are also vulnerable to common issues such as depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse.


A young person grows up with a certain view of the world, one that was formed by their environment. However, that view can be challenged once they take their steps into adulthood. Entering into new and unfamiliar settings leads to questions about certain beliefs and values held from a very young age. The confusion of being exposed to new ideas vastly different from one’s own can contribute to issues like anxiety.


Young adults have a high risk for suicide, with stressful life events, alcohol or substance abuse, and trauma as some of the risk factors. However, young adults don’t need to suffer alone. Adult therapy can provide the support they need.


Adult Therapy for Young Adults


Taking on new roles and responsibilities can be challenging. Therapists can help young adults navigate through the transition. While certain community programs offer helpful information and support, going to a therapy association provides a space for talking and connecting.


In a session, young adults are asked to identify what’s troubling them. After which, they will be taught how to work towards achieving personal goals. Therapy sessions also encourage young adults to build a support network so they have someone to turn to in in times of stress.


Becoming an adult can be overwhelming, but you can always come to SBS Psychological Associates of Gwinnett to help you out.


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