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How Does Couples Therapy Work?

Making a relationship work is definitely hard. Each individual is unique so when two people want to be successful in their relationship, it means they have to accept each of their strengths, as well as their imperfections. They have to be prepared to love each other completely without any underlying conditions so that they’ll be able to enjoy being in the relationship. Hence, many couples undergoing challenges in their partnership may greatly benefit from couples therapy.


So if you are part of a declining relationship, you may feel that the only recourse is to end it. However, all hope is not lost especially if you and your partner are willing to give it a try, and both of you are motivated to overcome your differences in the interest of the relationship.


Counselling and couples therapy remain two effective ways to enable couples to work out their differences. Despite some beliefs that there’s a low success rate in couples therapy, several studies have proven that it is still one of the most effective solutions for relationships to successful.


So if you’ve wondered, how does couples therapy work? Below are some basic principles that help therapists and couples themselves, sort out relationship problem areas and move past the seemingly insurmountable problems in maintaining a healthy and positive relationship.



Dysfunctional Behavior should be Modified


Couples need to change the way that they interact with their partners. Therapists will determine if their clients are in immediate risk of the following abuses- psychological, physical and economic danger. With couple’s therapy, the partners will have a break from the escalation of conflict and the dangers will be lessened. Therapists will may also recommend anger management, substance abuse treatment or a domestic violence mitigation as an adjunct to the couples’ therapy, depending on the situation of the couple.


Objective View of the Relationship


After collecting relevant information from the couple, therapists will help each member become more objective in their perception of their relationship. Therapists may help the individuals recognize their own dysfunctional patterns or behaviors, and how those negatively impact the relationship. For example, partners who are used to the blame game may be helped to see how it is undermining the health of the relationship. The partners may be helped to understand the importance of the couple as a team, and how teamwork will benefit the relationship, instead. Therapists may have different approaches to achieving this, but the underlying solution is to help couples see each other in a different, more positive light.


Improved Communication and Greater Emotional Intimacy


When a person is hesitant to share their emotions with their partner, there’s a big chance that they will grow apart. Couple therapists who are experienced in dealing with this issue will help partners become less fearful of expressing themselves by bringing out their deeper thoughts and emotions. They will be able to help partners express their feelings without fear of being judged. This will draw them closer together, creating more emotional intimacy. Indeed, constant communication and being open minded to the other person’s emotions can make a huge difference in understanding each other’s needs.


As you can see, ending a relationship is not the only solution, especially if the partners still care a great deal about each other. Couples therapy works, especially when the partners are willing to do the work to address their individual issues, and the challenges of being in a relationship.


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